Risk of skin cancer in permanent nail polish application

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Risk of skin cancer in permanent nail polish application

Experts, permanent nail polish application, UVA-ray lamps in the long term may cause the risk of developing skin cancer, warned.

According to experts, permanent nail polish application, which has become widespread in recent years , adversely affects the nail structure due to the procedures in fixing and removal stages if it is done frequently, UV rays in the devices damage the skin structure, DNA and proteins that form the skin structure such as collagen.

Hacettepe University (HU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Assoc. Dr. Sibel Dogan, AA correspondent, said that the application of permanent nail polish gave information about the damage to the nail structure.

Dog nails, such as the same hair as the skin attachment structures, describing Dogan, the general symptoms of the person's health status can be understood from the examination of the nail, he said.

Dr. Dogan, environmental factors, infections, traumatic interventions and improper conditions of cosmetic applications stressed that the deterioration of nail health.

Healthy nails, transparent, thickened, colorless structure as a plaque, no changes in the surrounding skin tissue, the nail bed should be in the form of a healthy sitting in the form of a striking Dogan, "Nail unit due to any structure that develops the structure of the nail may thicken, structure It may become brittle, matte, show color changes, leave the nail bed, and even fall. said.

"In the removal process, a permanent disorder may occur on the brittle nails"

In recent years, increasing the frequency of permanent nail polish applications on the impact of nail health, touching Dogan, permanent nail polish, gel manicure applications are often preferred cosmetic procedures, he said.

Do not undergo any medical inspection and hygiene rules are not complied with the health of cosmetic applications underlined that the threat of health, "Manicure, pedicure applications, such as hygienic conditions are not provided or by people who are not competent traumatic interventions that can permanently disrupt the skin and nail structure and should be kept in mind It should be avoided. " warned.

Dogan, permanent nail polish applications that can lead to both allergies and nail structure can be used to disrupt the chemicals, noting that "especially the infrastructure of broken nails can see significant defects when such operations are performed. Weak or brittle nails, gel manicure, especially used during the extraction process trauma. " said.

Dogan who also evaluates the shaving applied in the removal of the nail polish, "must be done by a competent person. Such mechanical applications in the extraction process, the infrastructure is fragile or damaged permanent damage may occur." he said.

"Can damage DNA and proteins"

Assoc. Dr. Sibel Dogan gave the following information about the consequences of such practices:

"In addition, UV light-emitting lamps are used to stabilize permanent nail polish. Continuous exposure of deep-penetrating ultraviolet rays called UVA as a result of frequent repeated applications, not in a single application, can cause skin cancer in the skin. may cause significant side effects, albeit briefly.

The lamps used in these manicures emit UVA rays. Although these rays do not have side effects such as redness and burning of the skin, such as UVB rays, they can affect deeper layers, damaging the skin structure, DNA and proteins that form the skin structure such as collagen. "

Dogan pointed out that UVA causes erken premature aging,. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that gel manicure applications may have negative effects on skin and nail health in frequent applications. Therefore, it is necessary for our people to know that frequent application can create this kind of problem. Very frequent applications should be avoided. Those with nail disease should not have such cosmetic procedures done before the treatment is completed. " he said.