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KFC new menu strategy

KFC is trialling a new business strategy with the release of a limited-edition Cheetos-topped fried chicken sandwich. On 1 July, the fried chicken chain will release the sandwich across the US after a trial period proved the meal was a hit. In addition to a crispy fried chicken fillet, the burger will feature a Cheetos sauce, mayonnaise, and a handful of the brightly coloured snacks. “After an overwhelmingly successful test earlier this year, Kentucky Fried Chicken and fan-favourite Cheetos are giving fans nationwide access to the sought-after Cheetos Sandwich,” the company said. The meal will only be available for four weeks. According to Business Insider, the short-lived release is part of the chain’s new business plan, which will see more menu items launched in 2019 than in the past five years combined. Acknowledging that attracting a younger audience is the goal, Kevin Hochman, the president of KFC’s US business told the outlet: “If we really want to attract a younger customer it can't just be about fun advertising and fun stunts.